10. You Are The Boss Of Your Body

Welcome to the tenth of my 30 daily tips on Health!

Did you know, healthy or not, you can tell your body what you want and your body will respond?

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, though, does it?  But have you ever really considered that it will do what you command it to do?

Lisa Nichols says in the “Creative Imagination” audios, “You have the power to command your body ….” Now, that may seem a little too easy and a tad unbelievable, but when done correctly, it works.

So, here’s an idea.  If you would like, why not start off small?

Let’s say you have a little pain.

Ready?  Command your body to fade that pain away.

OK, let’s say you did that and it didn’t work.

I have one question. Were you a wimp?  Or in other words, did you say it in a wimpy tone of voice?  Like you didn’t really mean it?

If you have kids and one of them was misbehaving, what tone of voice do you use? Probably not the one you used on your body.  Here’s a tip, it needs to be loving and commanding at the same time.

OK, so all I’m asking you to do is think about it.

Because it would be so much easier if you had a good relationship with your body. And in that relationship, whatever you tell it to do, it does. Wouldn’t you be so much healthier, and as a result, so much happier?

I think so, don’t you?  How about it if you think about it, maybe practice talking to your body in a loving, yet commanding way… a little bit here, a little bit there.  Have fun with it.  Enjoy life!

Thank you for reading.

Jan Tincher


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This is your tenth of 30 daily tips to be healthy. I hope you enjoy them.

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