11. I am an MPD — Mental Possibility Doctor

Welcome to the eleventh of my 30 daily tips on Health!

I am a Mental Possibility Doctor, as Lisa Nichols, from “The Secret”, says.

I enjoy possibilities.  I enjoy changing possibilities to probabilities. I enjoy changing probabilities to what is happening.

What do you think about that?

Think about your life.  What is happening?  What are the possibilities of you changing it to what you want?  If you think the possibilities are nil, then guess what?  That’s what they are.  BUT, if you think there’s even a tiny, tiny, tiny possibility it could change, then guess what?  There is that possibility.  Which, if you think about it, is much better than you originally thought.

So, let’s play with this.  Be a Mental Possibility Doctor.  Think of all the possibilities there are out there and let that settle in your mind.  Stand back and watch things happen.

Have fun.  Play with it.  Let me know what’s happening, what’s changed in your life that you let change, do to your being a Mental Possibility Doctor.  J

Good luck!

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher

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This is your eleventh of 30 daily tips to be healthy. I hope you enjoy them.

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