21. Holiday Anxiety   Can You Handle It?

Welcome to the twenty-first of my 30 daily tips on Health!

The holidays are here and many people are in the process of preparing for celebrations, overnight guests, and whatever.

Unfortunately, there are those who can’t handle the stress and anxiety associated with this. Suddenly, they develop a cold or the flu or have thrown their back out or whatever.

They, in effect, have given up.

They want the time to be good for all, but they know that Uncle Joe is going to do the same thing with the whoopee cushion and embarrass everyone. They know that Aunt Jane is going to sit there and berate Uncle Joe the whole time. They know Barry is going to show up and Uncle Bart will take it upon himself to tell the boy what a jackass he is, and the whole family will join in.

There goes the holidays. Right?  You wish you could stop it right there.

I say:  Wrong. I say:  Let it happen.

That’s right. I say:  let it happen.

If it’s going to happen, let it happen.

And it will.

But there is a solution.  You, yes, you can find your firm voice, and say, “Everyone who wants to have some fun, come with me.” And herd all who are willing into the other room, where you have set up a fun room.  And on the wall will be the rules. Or rule, as it may be.  No frowns.  Laughter is acceptable. Love abounds. And visualize exactly that.

And here’s a no-brainer:  If you take the time and effort to change your view of reality, your brain will put in the time and effort to make your reality become your view.  Visualize what you want to happen, then…  Let it happen!

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This is your twenty-first of 30 daily tips on health. I hope you enjoy them.

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