26  Goals – What Did You Do Next Tuesday?

Welcome to the twenty-sixth of my 30 daily tips on Health!

What DID You Do Next Tuesday?

I imagine you are wondering if that is worded wrong. Nope.

It’s just another way of saying “Do you have goals?”. Or do you know how to accomplish them, once you make them?

A 1950s study found that just 3% of the students in that year’s Harvard University graduating class had written down goals.

30 years later, those 3% had more wealth between them than the other 97% put together!

What did you do next Tuesday?

Or to put it differently: What do you have planned, what will you have succeeded in accomplishing — by next Tuesday?

Put this knowledge into action, put a goal on the calendar for every Tuesday. If your goal is to be accomplished in your home, get the family involved. If your goal is to be accomplished at work — get your co-workers involved.

Make some of the goals big, make some of them small. Learn how to celebrate each achievement so that your mind KNOWS you stick to your goals. When you do that, the next time will be easier and the next time even easier and the next time much easier! Not only that, but the accomplishment will be bigger and better and brighter than ever before!

Let’s focus on the day. Tuesday.

Now, let’s focus on the goal. 10 new accounts? Finish a project? Build a playhouse? Learn something new? Put up a new web site?

The important thing is not so much what the goal is, but that there is a goal about which you can get excited.

There are all sorts of goals, aren’t there?

Again. Let’s focus on Tuesday. Project into the future and see Tuesday with the goal accomplished. (Use your visualization skills here, or draw a picture, or get a good feeling that when Tuesday arrives you have accomplished your goal.)

Now, break down your goal. For instance, in order to accomplish X, you need to Y 10 times before you can mark off your goal as “Accomplished!” Let’s say there are 7 days until Tuesday, so you have 7 days to accomplish it. You have to Y 10 times in those 7 days. That doesn’t sound so hard, does it?

Concentrate on Tuesday. What would you like to have done by then?

Why not start it?

Look at that calendar with pride and know that you are setting a precedent here. You are showing your brain that you know how to succeed at setting goals and accomplishing them.

Feel how good that feels — to you, your family, your co-workers!

All the goals for that first month can be small. The main thing is to know that you can succeed. Maybe some months will all have the same ultimate goal, and a fourth of it will be accomplished each Tuesday.

Get excited! Start succeeding — One Tuesday at a time!

Thank you for reading.

Jan Tincher


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This is your twenty-sixth of 30 daily tips. I hope you enjoy them.

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