29  Why Aren’t You No. 1?

Welcome to the twenty-ninth of my 30 daily tips on Health!

If you aren’t #1, it’s because you haven’t programmed yourself to be. It’s that simple.

Here’s why.

If you were programmed to be, you would be.

Let’s look at the programming some of us have:

I can’t be #1, because I’m too short, too tall, too skinny, too fat, too loud, too shy, too ugly, too handsome/beautiful, too broke, too rich, nobody likes me, or whatever.

Here’s an excuse a lot of people use: “If I try to program myself to be #1, I’ll just be disappointing myself. Who wants to set themselves up for that?”

Let’s start over. Why not program yourself to be #1 — in your heart?

If you’re not #1 in your heart, you won’t be #1 anywhere. Again, it’s that simple. You’ll be standing outside of the doorway to your opportunity, your shoulders slumped, your eyes down, a frown on your face as you mentally rattle off your excuses. They won’t hire/like/care about me because ____________ (Place your own excuses here).

Now, look at a different scenario: You are standing at the doorway to your opportunity, your shoulders are back, your eyes are straight ahead, you are smiling. The words going on in your head are something like:

“I’ve got a great chance at this. I like what I do. I’m happy. They’d be silly not to hire/like/care about me. The world does not revolve around this next moment and I can be happy no matter what happens.  After all, happiness starts in the mind.” Take a deep breath. “And guess what?  When I leave here, I’m going to treat myself to a ___________ (fill in the blank with something you like)”.

Practice this speech, or one like it, in front of the mirror until you feel totally happy with yourself, totally prepared for whatever life is bringing you, totally ready to look beyond the present “crisis”.

Admittedly, this could take a few days of practice… But what have you got to lose?  (And in a few days you’ll be the most loved person you know.  And isn’t that something to look forward to? :) )

Practice smiling at yourself with love, compassion, understanding, and joy.  Know that you know that you know that you are #1 — in your heart.

The great part about all this is that even though you are #1 in your heart, it does NOT make anyone else #2.  You now have enough love, compassion, understanding, and joy in your heart to spread it around…

Until everyone has enough love, compassion, understanding, and joy in their hearts to …

Spread it around.

Now, if you sometimes find yourself with the old thought pattern of I’m too short, too tall, too skinny, too fat, too loud, too shy, too broke, too rich, or whatever, make a list of those responses.

Now, put on the end of each response, “… but I can try. I am, after all, #1 in my heart.” Make sure you are smiling when you say it.

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher

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This is your twenty-ninth of 30 daily tips. I hope you enjoy them. :)

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