30 What is the Tapestry of Your Life?

Welcome to the thirtieth of my 30 daily tips!

A tapestry is a woven wall hanging.  So… How does that relate to your life, you ask?

Let’s look at it this way. Your life is a weaving of different events that make up your “tapestry”.

What does your tapestry look like right now?

What does it look like after you’ve spent some time with your boss?

Or your co-worker?

Your neighbor?

Your family?

Your loved ones?

Although other people definitely affect your tapestry, it’s up to you how much they affect it.

Do you mentally shake the tapestry, letting everything that was negative roll away? Or do you keep it and let it detract from the beauty of your life — your Tapestry?

Everything you do — or don’t do — matters at the end of the day.

Every time you interact with someone, you affect your, and their, tapestry.

Look at their tapestry as though it was a beautiful picture. What did you do with it? Did you cloud it? Did you make it brighter? Did you make it dimmer? Did you enhance it in some way, or did you detract from it?

How do you affect other people’s tapestry?

Knowing that whatever you did to their tapestry, you did to yours, puts a different spin on life, doesn’t it?

If you cloud someone else’s tapestry, (or make it brighter, dimmer, enhance or detract from it,) the same will happen to yours.

So, what does that do to your thoughts of anger? Hatred? Vindictiveness? Does it make you want to try harder to dissolve those feelings?

Because, suddenly, you can almost see the color of anger as it weaves its way into not only the other person’s tapestry, but your own.

How about, when you interact with someone, you make it a point to see their “tapestry” in your mind? Then… Do what you can to enhance it.

Your own individual tapestry, and the ones of the people you interact with on a daily basis, aren’t the only tapestries you are personally involved in.

There is a larger tapestry, one that was started hundreds of years ago by our ancestors, that isn’t finished. We, as a part of that family, will continue to add to it, then pass it on.

Now, here’s the question.  What are we passing on?

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher

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This is your thirtieth of 30 daily tips. I hope you enjoyed them. :)

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