8. Do You Know How to Open Your Chakras?

Welcome to the eighth of my 30 daily tips on Health!

Your chakras play an important part in your health. In order to feel peaceful, and have a peaceful, healthy body, your chakras should be open and the energy should be flowing freely throughout.

That being the case, here is a centering exercise that you might enjoy.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Hold your breath and feel your heartbeat. Exhale, then repeat until you feel calm. Now, breathe normally. Vividly feel an imaginary central force radiating from your heart, expanding throughout your body. Feel your feet connect to the Earth Clear your mind and relax with each breath.

Now, prepare to visualize each chakra opening up as though it were a flower bud awakening to love and light. When you focus on it in a relaxed state, it will happen. Start with your first chakra and work your way up to the seventh. Feel the additional peace flow through you each time one is opened. As you visualize each opening, visualize that area of your body in the color of that particular chakra.

The first chakra is red, and located at the bottom of the tailbone. It brings vitality, life force, into your body. It controls consciousness of survival and wellbeing, security.

The second is orange, and located halfway between your tailbone and naval. It focuses on the physical plane of sensuality, emotion, and pleasure.

The third is yellow, and at the level of the solar plexus, and focuses on will power, decision, volition.

The fourth is green, and is located in your heart. It focuses on love, security, contentment, and benevolence. It is the seat of your soul.

The fifth is sky blue, and located in the center of your throat. It focuses on your psychic consciousness, hearing.

The sixth is indigo blue, and located in the center of your forehead at the level of your eyebrows. It is sometimes called the third eye. It focuses on imagination, visualization, and psychic awareness.

The seventh is violet white, and located in the crown of your head. It focuses on spiritual awakening, inner wisdom, and Enlightenment.

When you have opened your chakras and feel the peace, give thanks. As you give thanks, feel how good THAT feels, and more peace comes.

Thank you for reading.

Jan Tincher


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This is your eighth of 30 daily tips to be healthy. I hope you enjoy them.

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