9. Wouldn’t You Just Love To Have A Big Ball of Healing Energy?

Welcome to the ninth of my 30 daily tips on Health!

What can a big ball of healing energy do for you? Lots of things. I’ll show you. Let’s visualize a big ball of healing energy.

What color is it? What shape is it? (Some people see a ball of energy in a different shape, but we’ll just call it a ball of energy for this purpose.) How big is it? Does it “feel” like it gives off a big burst of energy?

If it doesn’t feel like it’s full of energy, then change the color and see what happens. Change the shape. Change the size. Keep experimenting until you “feel” the energy emanating from it.

Now, realize you can do many things with this. You can “tone” it down so that the energy is just a pulsating feeling. Or you can fire it up to get all the energy you need. I’m going to suggest that you tone it down now, while you put it in your heart.

There, it’s quietly pulsating, letting you know it’s always there.

Now, you find that you’ve got a pain in your arm. Bring out the ball of energy and let it’s warmth (or coolness) hover in and around your arm. How does that feel? Great, huh? Pain is gone? (If not, redo the ball of energy to make it stronger.)

Now, you received a phone call from someone you don’t like. The third one today? Are you thinking something similar to “Those guys give me a pain in the rear.”? Oh, oh. Now, you’ve got two places to tend to! J First, your head where a headache is forming, then to the pain in the rear you just told your brain you have.

Don’t laugh. When you tell your brain something enough times, it’s definitely listening. You have to take steps to prevent that from happening — and it can’t help but happen, since you’ve probably been programming it for some time now. :) (Seems like everything is giving you a pain in the rear lately, isn’t it? Zap! Zap!)

Now, how about shopping? You want to purchase something, but you don’t have enough money. Hm. How can the energy ball help here? Simple. Send it to your checkbook, then to the item you want to purchase. See how long it takes before you do have enough money!

How about when someone is ill? Work on your body, then work on theirs.

If someone says to you “So and so isn’t good. He’s in a lot of pain.” Oops. What do you usually do when you hear that? You feel badly for the person, don’t you? Again, work on your body, then go and see them and mentally work on theirs. You will have given them a lift in many different ways.

One would be your presence. Another would be your healing beam. And even another would be your attitude. The healing beam works, so no longer do you feel like you have to feel sorry for them. What do they see shining in your eyes now? Hope. And maybe that’s the best thing you could do for them. Help them see hope where no one else does.

Wouldn’t you just love to have a great big ball of energy? The bigger the better, because you’re probably going to be working on a lot of people!

Send the ball of healing energy to someone you need to forgive.

Send it to an area in your life where you feel lack.

Keep sending it out so it can keep coming back again. Remember the Law of Attraction. What you send out must come back. What are you sending out?

Good luck!

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher


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This is your ninth of 30 daily tips to be healthy. I hope you enjoy them.

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