3. Do we attract our illnesses? Really?

Welcome to the third of my 30 daily tips on Health!


What?  You don’t believe that?  Well, we do, either consciously or unconsciously. Now, we don’t, usually, do this on purpose, but our internal programming does it nevertheless.  Don’t you think it’s time we wake up and see what we are doing to ourselves?

For example:  We hurt.  We consciously, or unconsciously, acknowledge that we hurt (we claim the pain).  We feel the pain.  We are the pain.

We may even “see” the pain in our mind. And guess what?  It keeps hurting.  Why?

Because, aside from the fact that it really is a pain, what we focus on, with feeling, comes into our lives.  It’s the Law of Attraction.  What we send out, we bring back into our lives. Over and over again.  Until…

Until we change our thoughts.

We need to start taking control of what we focus on/think about and visualization is an excellent way to do this .

Here’s what we can do:

Every morning, sit or lie down and relax for five minutes.

Start each session by breathing slowly and counting on each exhale: 3 3 3 — 2 2 2 — 1 1 1. Then, 10 9 8, then 7 6 5, then 4 3 2, then 1 1 1.

Now that you are relaxed, visualize the pain. Give it a size, a shape, a color, and a texture. Now, see the pain begin to disappear.  Now, see the pain gone.

Repeat this five minute process mid day and again just before you go to sleep.  After the first day, don’t visualize the pain anymore, just visualize the pain leaving.

I hope you like and are able to use this pain technique for yourself and your loved ones.  I care.

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher


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This is your third of 30 daily tips on health. I hope you enjoy them.

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