2. We’d all like to be proactive in our health, wouldn’t we?

Welcome to the second of my 30 daily tips on Health!

Sometimes,  we need to move around to actually do something to help us feel like we are participating in our healing.  So if you are able to be mobile, and would like to, try this.

If you feel the need to be active, every morning plan to have a regiment of walking around the house, or outside if you like, for fifteen minutes. For the first five minutes, practice good breathing that gives your body a chance to heal. If you are able, breathe in four short breaths through your nose without letting it out. Then, on the exhale, breathe out your nose four short breaths.

For the second five minutes, do a form of affirmations. Start each sentence with “I am so happy and so very grateful, I have (or am, can . . . whatever works for you) __________ . Be thankful for all the things that you list.

Then, for the last five minutes, start each sentence out with “I am so happy and so very grateful, I have (am, can ) __________ .  and list everything you WANT. This last list is your projection of everything you want coming to you. Be creative. Be happy for lots of money, lots of good health, lots of great friends, whatever it is that you want.

Do this every day and notice the changes that start happening in your life!

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P.S. Doing the above is what I do when I feel the need to be active and don’t want to:
1. Make myself presentable (I don’t dress for success — or even anything resembling success — when I’m working at home. )
2. Go for a walk outside. (Who knows where I’ll meander off to and how long it’ll take me to get back home)
3. Put in the effort to get past the ice cream store without going in.
4. Forget the fact that I don’t want everyone seeing me talking to myself. :)

P. P.S. If you have found a unique healing technique, please feel free to share it by sending me an email at jantincher@gmail.com I’d love to hear from you!

This is your second of 30 daily tips to be healthy. I hope you like them.

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