1. So what if I worry. Worry doesn’t actually hurt me… Does it?

Welcome to the first of my 30 daily tips on Health!

You know, don’t you, that worry causes pain and illness.

Sometimes, we worry without meaning to. And once we start worrying, what does it bring?

More worry.

And what does more worry do?

It lowers your resistance to illness.

So, I say, learn to be happy.

What can happy do for you?

Nothing bad… And that’s very important.

When you find yourself worrying, stop right there and smile.

As you are smiling, chant, sing or use whatever method you would like, “I now release the pattern in my consciousness that is creating resistance to my good.”

Take a deep breath, then say something like this, “I am filled with unconditional love”. (If that affirmation doesn’t feel right for you, find one that does and use it.) Then, continue on with what you were doing

Repeat as often as necessary throughout the day!

Regarding the question in the title: “So what if I worry.  Worry doesn’t actually hurt me…  Does it?”  Let me ask you this.  After reading this post, why not ask: If I don’t worry, how much happier will I be? The answer could very easily be, VERY HAPPY!

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This is your first of 30 daily tips to be healthy. I hope you like them.

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